• Analysis and tracking of for or against people and institutions and collected of collectable complain
  • Representation of people and institutions in front of all official agencies and bodies of the accusatory
  • Creation official applications on behalf of individuals and institutions
  • Creation of accusation and defense
  • Collecting pieces of evidence before and during tribunal proceedings
  • Survey of appeal against court decisions before the Council of State of the Court of Appeal
  • Enforcement of court judgements
  • Creation of enforcement files, and the observation of enforcement
  • Pretrial understanding with the counterparty
  • Alternative proposal submission for unification
  • Unification try before starting judicial proceedings
  • Payment reminders th the borrower by a natorial service


   Individuals, companies and institutions are confronted with various legal problems Even if no legal problems arise, it is possible to face them in advance from professional and social relations. Legal advisors can answer these questions and reduce potential risks in the run to a minimum.

  • Preparation of contracts
  • Review of existing contracts
  • Information about new laws and regulations
  • Reminder about legal obligations with the help of electronic media
  • Regulation of employer - employee relationship
  • Regular meetings with certain intervals for the post
  • Negotiating sessions with presence by third persons and institutions

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