Situated in the center of Antalya the law office was founded in 1999 by attorney Mr. Seyit Konukcu.

   The focus of the since its founding date is still of International Law and International Private Law, Family Law, Corporate and Business Law, Enforcement Law, Real Estate Law, and Criminal Law. In these branches of law we offer legal advice and legal services to the court and the administration.

   Our office is directed both Turkish and German speaking clients. Due to his knowledge of German Mr. Attorney Seyit Konukcu pays personal attention to the German speaking clients.
Because of the cooperation with state-certified translaters, it is beyond us, but also able to offer our services in English and Russian to natural and legal persons.

   Our customers and clients have the option to get all information and documents that are charged with the service (e.g. court judgements, contracts, powers of attorney, appraisals, etc.) written in their own language.

   Our office is working to make a fast and uninterrupted service, together with domestic firms, experts and institutions in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir and other cities. Abroad, we have partnerships with law offices in Germany, Austria, Russia and Azerbaijan.

   Our Mission is to take action in accordance with the principles of the primacy of law, confidentiality, professionalism and quality. We want to represent our clients and the Turkish law at home and abroad in the best manner and, in accordance with the general principles of law in initiations cause of legal relations, but also at an advanced stage with the help of our available methods to come to a solution.

   Our Vision is tp highlight and tp prove ourselves in line with the principle of the prmacy of the right.

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